Safety Supply Inc.

As a valued partner of TZC, Safety Supply, Inc. is clearly dedicated to providing an environment where safety comes first, with the expectation that everyone should have the resources and opportunity to keep their men and women safe in their working environment.  It’s with this mindset, that they only partner with organizations who promote safety as a core value. This, along with their high-quality safety supplies, equipment, dedicated staff, knowledgeable training consultants is what makes them our trusted partner.

Dräger Technology

Dräger has been a leader and pioneer in the safety technology fields since 1889. Their mantra: “Technology for Life” means more than merely guaranteeing technical excellence. It means assuming responsibility for the lives of those who use their products and depend on them.  At TZC, our principals are one of the same, and for that we consider Dräger to be one of our most valued partners.

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Safety Supply PPE

Dräger Safety Technologies