As a valued partner of TZC, Safety Supply, Inc. is clearly dedicated to providing an environment where safety comes first, with the expectation that everyone should have the resources and opportunity to keep their men and women safe in their working environment.  It’s with this mindset, that they only partner with organizations who promote safety as a core value. This, along with their high-quality safety supplies, equipment, dedicated staff, knowledgeable training consultants is what makes them our trusted partner.

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Onsite Safety

Traffic Safety Respiratory Protection Fall Protection Facilities Safety First Aid Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Clothing Protection Ear Protection Eye Protection Fall Protection Hand Protection Head & Face Protection Heat Stress Protection Ergonomic Protection

Flame Resistant Clothing

Clothing Protection Eye Protection Hand Protection Head & Face Protection Respiratory Protection

Offering both Classroom and Online training regiments, education and training is an outstanding way to avoid workplace accidents.

Classroom Training

Online Courses