Buy Leak Detection Equipment or Pay Millions in Fines?

It is no secret that industrial work can be dangerous. Specifically, industries that work in close quarters with oil, gas, fire and any other natural force. America’s laborers work hard every day to give the rest of the country resources to power their home and cars. But, no laborer should ever have to give their life for the sake of their job. At Titan Zone Control, we believe that safety should be everyone’s number one priority. No commodity is worth innocent lives, which is why we sell person protection and leak detection equipment. With our equipment, our customers are able to protect their workers, as well as their businesses. Just one lawsuit could mean the end of your business and millions of dollars in legal fees and fines. But, these fines won’t be just from your disgruntled employees or lawyers, no, some of those fines will be from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA). Under the OHSA’s guidelines, if you are found guilty of inadequate safety equipment and gas detection monitors, you will be fined — heavily.

One mistake, one overlooked piece of an industrial business, and the whole thing can come crumbling down. However, if your managerial staff is well prepared, knowledgeable, and ready to do what it takes to keep your business safe, getting high-quality gas detection equipment is a must.

Which gas detection should you get? Well, purchasing your gas detector from a reliable source of equipment is important. You want to make sure you get what you’re paying for. At Titan Zone Control, we are a trustworthy business that sells the highest of quality in safety equipment. And, we also have a diverse selection of the top-brand gas detection equipment on the market.

Four-Gas Detection Monitors

One of the best and, honestly, the most necessary of safety equipment to install in your business is a four-gas detection monitor. This amazing piece of equipment is able to detect not one, not four (despite its name), but five of the most toxic gases in industry. The gases are:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide

All of these gases, if exposed to in high concentrations in a closed space, can lead to health concerns. In the past, some workers have found that, due to their livelihood, they are more prone to respiratory issues, physical injuries, and cancers. No worker should ever feel like they must sacrifice their health for money. By having a four-gas detection monitor, you can keep your workers safe from any harm. Also, having a monitor in place to protect your workers will in the long-run protect your business. Having a monitor that is of high quality and high performance could be a huge benefit to the success of your business.

Health Issues Related to Gas Inhalation

Most of the worries about safety is related to workers breathing in toxic fumes while working. Part of the issue with some industrial gases is that they are invisible, and sometimes, odorless. Because there is no way to visually see or detect the gas, mankind must rely on gas detection instruments to look out for danger.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable gas that has a distinct rotten-egg like smell. This odor come from the sulfur part of the compound. Other than a smell, there is no other way for a human to detect the gas.

Typically, this type of compound exists in crude petroleum deposits, natural gas areas, and at hot springs. Hydrogen sulfide is produced by the bacterial breakdown of organic materials and wastes. High concentrations of the gas can cause shock, convulsions, respiratory issues, coma, and death. These effects can occur with just one inhale of the gas.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) has many health effects. Small traces of the gas can cause headaches, vomiting, and nausea. If CO levels are high, they can cause a victim to go unconscious and die. If you are able to survive a large amount of CO intake, victims typically have long-term health problems.


Oxygen (O2) doesn’t seem like it would be toxic. The idea of it being dangerous sounds strange, especially because we breathe it in everyday. However, breathing in pure oxygen can cause health concerns such as dizziness, vomiting, muscles spasms, vision loss, and convulsions. If inhaled in a large and concentrated dose, a victim could go unconscious and die.

Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur dioxide is by far one of the most toxic gases out there. Long-term exposure to sulfur dioxide could mean fatality. Short-term exposures to this type of gas would be life threatening. Small traces of the gas could lead to severe lung problems, such as respiratory issues and lung cancer. The OHSA regulates that sulfur dioxide concentrations in the workplace cannot exceed five ppms, or parts per million.

Nitrogen Dioxide

In high concentrations nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can inflame the lungs and reduce any immunity to lung infections. Small traces of the gas lead to coughing, wheezing, colds, flu, and bronchitis. If exposure persists for long periods of time, the lungs could be permanently damaged and lead to lung cancer.

Titan Zone Control

Titan Zone Control is here for the collective safety of all who work in industry. We offer our products to businesses that value safety and want to get the very best in personal safety equipment. Aside from just gas detection monitors, we sell a plethora of other kinds of safety equipment; from chemical protective suits to Draeger gas detection technology, we are here to help! Contact us today!