Dräger is proud to offer extensive and in-depth training sessions which shed light on the best practices for an array of dangerous work environments. The training elements are hands-on, interactive, and motivating.

Due to the high-risk environments associated with Dräger product use, Dräger has spent a significant amount of time and resources to ensure everyone involved is trained and educated.

  • The End User Training Program looks to provide details related to the safety procedures of operations, maintenance, and Dräger product’s best practices.
  • The Technical Maintenance series provide in-depth training on maintenance approaches and highly-detailed information related to the Dräger products themselves.
  • Certifications are provided for those who complete pertinent training regiments.

10+ years has sculpted the Dräger training programs related to Respiratory & Gas Detection. The following Dräger Safety Product lines offer safety courses and maintenance related support:

  • Closed Circuit re-breathers.
  • Open Circuit SCBA’s
  • Escape Units, and supplied air respirators.
  • Pumps and Detector Tubes.
  • Both Multiple and Single gas portable detection.
  • Flame Detection and Fixed Gas equipment.
  • Lar V military and Law enforcement re-breathers.

The Dräger Programs are offered in the following locations:

  • Houston, TX.
  • Telford, PA.

** Instructors are readily available for on-site guidance and instruction. Contact Us today if you’re interested in Dräger training opportunities!