Whether at the refinery or out on the rig, Titan Zone Control strives to create the safest solutions and preventative maintenance for your workers. Use only the most innovative technology from Dräger to ensure your workers stay safe and your equipment functions at its optimum. At Titan Zone Control, we’re proud to partner with Drager USA. Contact Us today for quotes or purchasing information.


Refining petroleum can cause significant risk to workers, not to mention the environment if a malfunction were to occur. Titan uses Dräger technology because it is the most advanced in the industry to date. We suggest and provide equipment for the following areas:

Repair and Maintenance

Ensuring workers use the proper equipment when performing repairs and maintenance, including painting and welding, is vital to the productivity of your refinery or rig. Create a safe environment for your employees and contractors with high-quality portable gas detection units and escape equipment.

Hot Works

Taking every effort to prevent an explosion during hot-works maintenance activities, a reliable warning and protection system is essential during maintenance. In this environment, you need a reliable warning and protection system. We specialize in installing Dräger gas-detection systems, air systems, portable gas detection machines and short-term area monitoring.

Plant Fire Brigade

With Dräger technology, equip your team to save the life of others, no matter the emergency that arises. We provide breathing apparatus and head protection equipment as well as training for search-and-rescue, and other emergency response skills.

Confined Space Entry

Potentially harmful and toxic gases and chemicals can collect unnoticed in confined spaces. Only noticed when someone has to tend to them, these spaces can be an extremely dangerous hazard. We offer some of the most advanced portable gas detection units, escape equipment, and training in the industry.

Escape Situations and Concepts

In the event of an emergency where workers will need to quickly evacuate, their protection and efficiency is imperative to safe and successful results. We offer high-quality escape equipment including escape devices, emergency breathing devices, oxygen self-rescuers and rescue chambers. We additionally advise you on the plan and execution of emergency evacuations.

Control Room

Providing the highest quality Dräger control systems, we take every measure to ensure your company needs are met with comprehensive control room technology. In the event of an emergency, you will be notified right away.

Hazardous Substances

When using hazardous substances at work, having the right safety equipment is essential. Protect your workers with reliable, high-quality masks and filters as well as full-body protection by Dräger.

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Oil and Gas Exploration

Titan Zone Control offers reliable and durable safety and preventative equipment as we strive to keep your workplace safe, especially on the exploration platform. In addition to the safety equipment listed for refineries, we offer the following for oil and gas platforms.


Fire is the last emergency you want to have to deal with on an oil rig or at the refinery but should one occur, you have a duty to protect those who protect you. Ensure the personal safety of your firefighting crew with high-quality, dependable and extremely effective firefighting personal protection and equipment by Drager. We are experts in prevention and protection offering head protection, GRP safety cabinets, masks and other breathing apparatus as well as detection systems.

Escape Rooms

In the event of an evacuation, where your team is required to utilize the escape room, a reliable sources of clean air and fire or rescue equipment is imperative to ensuring the safety and security of all involved. With Drager and Titan Zone Control, your escape room will be fully equipped.

Plant Safety and Operation

We strive to protect oil and gas sites against toxic, flammable gases wherever possible. With the fire and gas detection systems we offer through Dräger, we are able to keep workplaces safe and notify managers promptly when there is a problem.

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