Ensuring the complete and total safety of your company’s mines is paramount to your company’s production and success. Titan Zone Control proudly supplies mining safety equipment from Dräger, the most trusted and reliable safety equipment and preventative action techniques in the industry.

For us, it all begins with respiratory protection and gas detectors. Depending on your worksite, self-contained refuge shelters could also be an important step to ensuring the ultimate safety of your mine. From coal to metal and mineral mines, Titan Zone Control provides the safety equipment and training designed to help your mine run smoothly and efficiently while protecting the health and safety of all involved.

Performing as much preventative care as possible is essential to the health of your workers and the productivity of your employees. Eliminating the possibility of fires and explosions by installing thermal monitoring and explosion protection systems, for example, is the best way to protect your worksite and your employees.

Furthermore, ensuring your workers have the right equipment such as safety maps, portable gas detection units and body covering is essential and required by law. We offer Dräger safety equipment, ensuring ultimate safety.

At Titan, we specialize in the consultation of safety, recommending the proper emergency prevention measures and response techniques as we strive to protect the health of your employees and the production of the mine itself. Call us today for more information or to inquire about our services.

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