With a commitment to keeping your workplace safe, at Titan Zone Control, we work closely with businesses in the chemical industry to ensure hazardous substance spills and leaks are never an issue. With our partnership with Dräger, we are able to help chemical plants operate free of Haz-Mat problems. Taking every effort to prevent workplace accidents with the highest quality of equipment in the industry will save you money in the future while protecting your staff, guests, and the local community.

We provide high-quality products made by Dräger, one of the most respectable emergency protection companies in the industry. Time-tested and proven, their equipment is reliable and works for the long term.

We’ve developed a unique plan for all business in the chemical industry that keeps your employees and your business safe, while providing superior, reliable safety equipment for the following:

Escape Plans

During an emergency, where workers will need to get out fast, physical protection is a priority. Dräger offers high-quality escape equipment including escape devices, emergency breathing devices, oxygen self-rescuers and rescue chambers.

Plant Fire Brigade

With our technology, you will be equipped to protect others while keeping your own health in mind. We provide a variety of breathing apparatus and head protection equipment as well as training for search-and-rescue situations.

Repair and Maintenance

Using the right protection during maintenance and repair work is essential to preventing injury and accidents. We proudly provide high-quality equipment and training for all repair and maintenance situations, from shutdown and repair management to portable gas detection and escape equipment.

Hazardous Substances

During any operation that involves hazardous substances, employee protection is key. Protect yourself with the proper masks and filters as well as complete body protection by Drager.

Hot Works

Taking every effort to prevent an explosion during hot-works maintenance activities, a reliable warning and protection system is essential during both operation and maintenance in all types of chemical plants. We specialize in installing Dräger gas-detection systems, air systems, portable gas detection machines and short-term area monitoring.

Control Room

Proving the highest quality Dräger control systems, we take every measure to include a comprehensive array of the technology your company needs in your control room. In the event of an emergency, you will be notified right when it happens.

Confined Space Entry

Confined spaces could allow gases and other toxic chemicals to proliferate and grow to dangerous levels. Protecting those who enter these areas, Dräger offers some of the most advanced portable gas detection units, escape equipment, and safety training in the industry.


Offering a variety of safety equipment and techniques, we aim to protect your lab technicians. With a variety of masks and filters, as well as monitoring equipment and clean-up tools, we strive to ensure the ultimate safety of your workers.


Dräger is the leader in safety equipment, detecting harmful chemicals and limiting their effects on you and your staff. Call us today.